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Weekender Project| 2

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So usually I don't post on Sundays, but my laptop decided to take a puke last Thursday and I learned the value of really making sure to post ahead of time instead of waiting until the night before! Then when I finally got my computer to come back and be normal, it had the Windows 8 instead of Windows 8.1 and Google Chrome had disappeared and I spent a lot of time getting my laptop in order and it finally is as of this morning! So note to self, Don't try to "Refresh" your laptop before you have a ton of stuff to do on it!! Cause it will throw a wrench in ALL of your plans!

But I still wanted to show off how my last Weekender Project went because I'm extremely proud of it! If you don't remember, my goal was to completely reorganize and move around the living room to make it easier to work on the Wii Fit and to just have a more functional space.

This first picture is the view from the kitchen. You can't see the tv because it is on the wall to the right of me along with my desk in the corner. One of the problems I had with rearranging our living room is that it is way longer than it is wide. So trying to make it work to be able to work out of the Wii Fit was actually quite difficult. I usually like all the chairs and the futon to be in a line or something facing the tv, but it worked better to actually section off areas. The futon is kind of in the middle of the room, but it's easily moved to work out or turn around to entertain company. & I adore the little reading nook in the corner.

Next, you get a feel of where the tv and desk from the same spot as well. I've worked pretty hard to make my little desk a place of inspiration and function.

 One of my favorite parts of this little arrangement was that I took the time to really rearrange our bookshelf that had been just the catch all for everything since we moved in. It isn't pictured except for the top here where I have a lot of our wedding memories.

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