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#ThrowbackThursday: Finding THE Dress

Sabra GilbertComment
I have been completely reminescing on our Wedding last year. Everything about it. How wonderful the day was. How much I enjoyed planning it all. When I didn't enjoy planning the wedding. I truely just can't beleive that at this time last year, I was counting down the days until our wedding and freaking out. And here I am a year later just living my life with my husband. Stills tressing about school and the future but getting to cuddle in bed every night with the one person who can make it all ok no matter what. Ok now I'm getting gushy, so let me show you the progression of finding my Wedding dress.

A little background first, I was DETERMINED to find my grand cinderella dress. I wanted big, Big, BIG!

So here was my first choice to try on. . .

I thought it was going to be my Cinderella dream dress and I could just feel it the moment that I stepped into the dress. It wasn't the dress. I felt like a giant marshmello.  Not the way that anyone wants to feel when they are wearing their wedding dress.

This was my second choice of the perfect wedding dress. All the gathering and the way the fabric felt, I thought it was gonna be perfect. No. No. No. Once again it just wasn't complimenting me the way I wanted to be complimented the day of my wedding.

This one I was skeptical about. It was my sisters pick and not at all what I originally thought that I wanted. I didn't even want to try it on cause it was SOOOOO off base from what i wanted. I thought Stormie was crazy. But obviously she knew me more than I knew myself cause I liked the dress. Now I'm not saying love cause I didn't when I first put it on. I thought it had potential but It wasn't what I wanted still. It was kind of plain.

Since it was a little plain for me, I asked for a little bling and then I really started to like the dress. There was something still missing a little bit, but it was definatly getting there. I was super excited.

And then my mother had a wonderful idea. She asked for the same belt in color.

Then it was perfect. It was the complete opposite of what I had thought that I wanted. And Simeon adored the dress and still does. He tries to convince me that I should pull it out all the time, but then I have to explain to him that it is vacuum sealed in a box now and it ain't coming out anytime soon!

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