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#Throwback Thursday: Simeon's Prom Mohawk & a Giveaway!

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This weekend is my sister's Senior Prom! (Also the launch of my new buisness, Midnight Photography & Design, but more on that later!) And I am sooo excited to go home and help her get ready and take pictures. Like over the moon excited! It will be extremely special this year since my mom even made my sister's prom dress! I haven't seen it yet, but knowing my mom, its going to be amazing! I love going home for these things and helping make my sister's experiance as fun and awesome as she made mine!

   So I don't know if many of you know, but Simeon and I are high school sweethearts, meaning we got to go to both of our proms together! We actually count Junior prom as our very first date! Espetially since it was only a few weeks later that we became "official." So in honor of Stormie's Senior prom this weekend, I'm going to throw you guys back to my senior prom. Simeon's blue mohawk and all.

And yes I wore a tiara to my Senior prom. My mom thought it was weird, but I thought (and still think!) that I look wonderful in a tiara and needed one for this day. I also wore one for my wedding. And most birthday's this baby still comes out.

Most of these pictures are grainy from the old camera my mom had. But it makes looking back at these pictures feel like it was a million years ago!

I feel like I'm going to be getting some calls today from putting this picture back on the web. oopps! :)

Ladies, that's the man I fell in love with. Honestly, in high school, he made this face a lot. . . . maybe I should do a post to all the pictures I have of Simeon making this face. . . :D

Well thank you for making it through that interesting and wonderful memory with me! Interested in a giveaway for your hard work?

$25 Kate Spade Gift Card

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