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Marriage: Making Time for Date Nights

Sabra GilbertComment
Life can be crazy. It get's even crazier when you are student's with jobs and multiple responcibilities outside the home. Making time for dates can be far and in between unless we work hard to make it happen. Homework, Bible studies, work, presentations, oaks team, Tests. There is no end to these things most of the time.

1| Pick a scheduled date night - It doesn't mean that you have to go on a date date every single week, but at least know that a few hours of that day will be dedicated to just the two of you.

2| Keep it Simple -  Big and grand dates are always nice, but time constraints make that extremely difficult. Be ok with grabbing a movie and just cuddling.

3| Prioritize time together - Know when to put down the book or tell the girls that you need to leave.

4| Start a Hobby together -  Simeon and I recently picked up tennis together and it makes us want to set up time to do this sooo much more! Or if you guys aren't really that outdoorsy, getting a board or video game that you both like an bond over defeating it, or each other!

5| Get a show that you both like - Some nights, you just don't want to have any kind of thing that you HAVE to do. You just want to relax and sit back, and watch a show. Finding one that you enjoy together might be difficult, but scour the web and Netflix to try to find one! I promise that it is awesome!

These things might sound extremely simple but the simpilist things can be the easiest to forget as well! My number one tip is to NOT SKIP ANY OF THESE THINGS! Don't just decide that you don't have time one of the days that you planned on having a date. It will become a habit and you won't be happy. Take the time to relax nd be together.

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