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Generation Offended

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I don't think I've ever done a strongly opinionated post on here before. Other than my faith, I tend to stay pretty neutral on most topics because I think a lot of other people do enough opinionating to cover me doing so as well. But the reasons for me not always sharing my opinion aren't what I'm here to share today.

Today I'm here to join in my opinion, but not on the usual things like GMO's, vaccinations, gay marriage and other things like that.

I'm here to ask why our generation seems to feel the need to be offended by every single little tiny thing that a person could possibly be offended by? I feel like it is also one of the curses of social media that one person's offence suddenly turns into EVERYONE's offencive moment.

Like the #feministsareugly thang that was trending on Twitter the other night. Like seriously people? If it upset you, DON'T MAKE IT A TREND ON TWITTER!! It just makes people pay more attention to it and fuels more anger, more people who will try to offend you with it, and even more people who will be offended.

I"m not going to take a side on the topic of feminism, but I am going to take a side on the fact that both sides of this hashtag war thing are in the wrong. One side for starting it and the other side propagating it.

I also don't understand why everyone seems to think that everyone needs to agree with them on everything. That's just not going to happen, and if it did, the world would be in extreme trouble. We need different opinions. We need different sides of the table. Because with these differing ideas, we create greatness. If everyone agreed that women staying at home was the right thing, then there never would have been a Woman's Right's Movement. There wouldn't be feminism. If people didn't think that GMO's were a good idea, we wouldn't have the food that can actually grow in third world countries that can't grow there naturally.

I had thought when I was younger that the world was starting to accept differences in people, but it is really starting to seem like people are just accepting different things. They want the right to be gay and get married, but they want to force other people who don't believe in that right to do the ceremony. They want to support feminism while bashing the opposite sex, which is just trying to flip the tables and make the situation worst for men.

There has to be a way for us to compromise in this world. That everyone can believe what they believe without the opposite thing being shoved down their throat. I'm all for people voicing their opinion. Tell me all about why you dislike Christians/Vaccinations/GMOs/Feminism. As long as you give me the chance to explain to you my side of the story as well.

And please have actual facts (that haven't been disproved) for the whole Vaccination and GMO discussions. Please. Otherwise I probably will not let the conversation continue cause there is no point.

If you want to have any of these discussions (or really hate my whole rant here) please email me for a one to one discussion.

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