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Counting Down to Summer

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Summer is on it's way!! I am sooo excited! There is only a week and a half of classes left before finals, so I'm going to be buckling down and studying a lot more. So there are probably going to be a few missed post days here and there unless I can get alot done this Saturday and I can schedule them ahead of time or bank them. But that's more of a side rant than what I was wanting to get to today!

SUMMER! Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in Summer and I'll be a. . . HAPPY SNOWMAN!!!

It is my favorite season ever! And I'm kinda bummed that my final school summer will be spent in more class. And not just any class but my least favorite class ever, Organic Chemistry. Unfortunatly, on top of being stuck in class, I have to do a lot of driving to get back and forth from this class as it's at a different school and has to be in person. And to try to save on gas, I'll also be staying in Sioux Falls overnight a few times a week as well.

So with all of this, the time that I get to spend at home and with Simeon is going to be very,very important. I really want to have awesome dates planned so that we don't just waste away our time together with just netflix and our usual things. I really want to make sure that we do the things that we love together and don't waste our time.

Summer Date Bucket List

1| Epic Tennis Match
2| Children's Museam
3| Movie & Pizza Day 
4| MarioKart Tournament
5| Double Date Dinner
6| Zoo Day
7| Pool Day in Sioux Falls
8| Picnic at the Park

And this is just the begining. I'm really excited for the high priority that Simeon and I are already trying to put on that little time that we are going to be together. SImeon is working on adjusting his schedule to fit around my schedule so that we can optimize our chances at being able to see each other while I'm driving back and fortha nd he is working and taking classes in Brookings as well.

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