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Book Reveiw: The Graceling Realms

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I adore reading. Sometimes when the semester is just too crazy, I escape to a different world. It is one of my favorite things to do to just get lost in a great book, even better is if it comes with a series to continue as well. To be honest, I am in love with fantasy type worlds. Love. Love. Love them! I can spend hours upon hours completely lost in a series and not stop until all of the books are exausted. Simeon always laughs at me because he can hardly beleive how fast I can rip through a 3 or 5 book series.

To share my love for books, I wanted to share a series that completely stole my heart in the last few months! It isn't your typical series that follows one main character in a chronological way. While all three books of this series are in one relm, or world, each book jumps who the main character is, where it's taking place, and even where in the timeline that the book takes place. But you are able to easily connect all the books and the names of the main characters are unforgettable!

The first book of the series is called Graceling and it is the perfect opener to introduce a whole new world. Gracelings are people who have wonderful gifts. The appearance of a graced person includes two differently colored eyes and their gift can be discovered at any time in their life. It follows the graceling Katsa as she discovers who she really is, falls in love, and adventures through The Seven Kingdoms.

The second book of this series is named Fire and takes place around 30 or so years earlier to the first book and in a completely different part of the world than Katsa is even aware exsists. Fire is called a Monster in her culture. A monster is kind of like a Graceling except that her entire appearance is enhanced through bright colors in her hair and eyes that announce very specific kinds of gifts. This book covers her adventure through discovering how she can use her powers for good and not become like her father along with a path to true love.

The third book of this series is named Bitterblue and takes place 9 years after the initial Graceling story line and follows Bitterblue's story (a returning character from Graceling). Fire and Bitterblue are considered companion books. This book follows the story of Bitterblue as is still battling to conquer the mess that was handed to her when she received the crown 9 years ago. She discovers more tahn she ever thought she would about her Kingdom, it's history, and herself.

As complicated as it sounds, these series are really easy to follow and see the connections and follow along. It has truely been one of my favorite series that I've ever read! Right up there with Harry Potter (which says a lot coming from me!). I recommend that you go to your bookstore and find it right now!

My Rating Scale
1 = Watch Netflix instead
2 = Maybe on a rainy day
3 = Nook Order, you'll only read it once
4 = Great book, but not one I want to display for friends (Nook Book)
5 = Run to the Bookstore, you'll want to share it with everyone!

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