You and Me & Chasing Little G


Sabra GilbertComment
The way time moves is insane sometimes. I feel like just yesterday I was moving to South Dakota when in reality, we're moving in on 9 years of living here. Kallie was just a pup yesterday, but really she was already almost 12 years old and for a German Shepherd that's getting up there. I just met Simeon, but we're coming up on 5 years of being together this May. Just the other day I was riding in the back of crazy boy Tyler's truck on a snowy day while today, 7 years later he welcomed the biggest responsibility of his life and has matured into the most awesome father I couldn't have even imagined he would become 7 years ago. My crazy blonde of a best friend, who you never wanted to get into an argument with because she would find a way to prove she was right, is working on becoming a lawyer right now. A LAWYER! There are so many things going down right now that I would have never imagined 8 years ago.

Just a few years ago, my dreams were to be a veterinarian and I thought I was so grown up. I had moved out of my parents house and was planning on studying my butt off, working my butt off, and not doing anything that would distract me from getting it done. I look back at that now and laugh.

Change has always been soemthing that I thought I hated, but hten I look back at the last few years and realized that I have changed soooo much. Some of the change is so good: I've grown comfortable in myself and responcible for myself. I've learned to cook. I have learned to work and pay bills for myself and all of those things are wonderful.

But doesn't everyone miss the days of putting song lyrics down on photos?

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