You and Me & Chasing Little G

Hopes & Plans

Sabra GilbertComment
Spring has finally decided to stay in South Dakota! I'm sooo excited to actually have a week ahead of me to get outside and hopefully start really figuring out what all the buttons on my camera can do! I know I'm a little late today but with 2 exams within a few hours of each other, I had to just buckle down and get some serious studying done along with some serious down time when I had the chance which ended up being reading one of my new favorite books/author/finishing a new favorite series (though Harry Potter will always be the King of my book lovin' heart!). Reading the back where the author shared her writing process has really encouraged me to get back on the wagon of seriously writing again. The number one wagon that School likes to push me off of and I do not like it! Luckily, I'm getting close to being done!!! YAY!! Anyway

Goals for the Week

1| Go through Colorado Pictures
2| Put old pictures & schoolwork onto Disks & Flashdrives
3| Finish Spring cleaning.
4| Figure out my new phone!

Well that's all for today Loves!

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