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101 in 1001 Update

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  ON January1st 2013, I thought it would be a lot of fun to start a 101 in 1001 list. Some things I knew would be pretty difficult, some would be super easy, and some would just take me remembering that it was even on my list. But its crazy how fast time flies. I really didn't see the end of my 1001 days coming so fast! On September 27th my time is up! So I thought it was time for a little check up!

Things I've Accomplished (51/101)

Get 50 followers
Reach 500 blog views
Reach 200 posts
Participate in a giveaway
Create a Facebook Page
Start Becoming A Gilbert
Comment on 40 different blogs
Decide to jump into the workforce (vs vet school or grad school)
Pick a career path
Become a bible study
Get an apartment with roomies
Decorate with white Christmas lights
Learn to make 5 desserts
Buy my first car
Start a savings account
Pay off my credit card
Get a new wallet
Set an actual budget and stick to it!
Try envelope budgeting
Save a specified amount
Decorate for Christmas.
Update my resume
Try 3 new workouts
Get running shoes
Teach Simeon basketball
Learn how to play soccer
Learn to ride a horse
Shadow for 60 hours at a veterinary clinic
Watch 20 animal surgeries
Shoot a gun
Try 4 hairstyles
Learn to drive a stick shift
Go see the off broadway Wicked
Road trip with Simeon
Get cute photo booth pictures with Simeon
Own 5 Disney movies
See Iron Man 3
Plant a pineapple top
See Captian America 2
See Catching First
Have a fancy date with Simeon
Visit my grandparents in Colorado
Take Kaity on our frate
Get engaged
Take engagement pictures
Plan an amazing wedding
Get married
Complete a wedding album
Get an apartment with Simeon
Go furniture shopping
Get breakfast served to me in bed

Things in Progress (22/101)
Month Long Photo challenge
Post everyday for a month
Reach 400 blog posts
Get 2 semesters of straight A's
Complete 3 internships
Learn to make 30 new meals
Work out every day for a month
Be able to touch my toes
Complete High School scrapbook
Finish senior year photo album
Compete 5 DIY crafts from Pintrest
Memorize 50 verses
Save $5 for every goal acheived
Do devotions every day for a month
Dress up 100 times
Read 50 new books
Read the entire bible
Spend 5 weekends camping
Make a home management binder
Pick apartment decorations from Hobby Lobby
Make a 2015 101 in 1001 list.

So that means that I only have 30 other than that that need to be addressed! So excited!!

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