You and Me & Chasing Little G

Kallie Ann Rose Fice

Sabra GilbertComment

     Everyone says that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I think a girls best friend is her dog. Diamonds can't cuddle on the couch with you when a boy breaks your heart, or you want to have a lazy day. Diamonds don't get super excited every time you come home from college or sit by the door pouting every time you start to repack your bag.

      Wow, it's so easy to go straight to sappy when a loved one passes away. To wish for more time. To be upset that you didn't get the time that you thought you were going to get.

       My family had Kallie for 11 years. She was a perfect dog who was our protector, our cuddler, and if my sister and I were fighting, our disipliner. She loooooovvvved to talk. All the time. And always told us how it was. And would jump right between Stormie and I when we started beating on each other and tell us to stop our nonsense.

       I'm gonna miss her and really don't look forward to going home for the first time to not see her there. But I know that she is no longer in pain and I'll see her again.

(Kallie and her "I am not amused look.")

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