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Book Review: Staying on Topic is Hard by Rachel Guerrero

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I love reading! Always have. It was always my favorite thing to do when I was younger to check out an amazingly large pile of books that the librarians at first would think that I would never finish before the two week deadline, and then bring them all back a week later. Having read every single one. After doing this a few times, the librarians started asking me questions, just to make sure that I had really read the book, and I could usually answer every single one corrrectly. In fact, I am pretty sure even on that AR tests that they make you take in school after reading a book, that I never missed a question until my senior year of high school (but who could blame me, Frankeinstein is a rough and overly long book to try to handle!).

I know not everyone loves reading. Some people are overly picky on what they will and won't read. But this is definatly a book that I would recommend, espetially for Christians and Newlyweds (or any part of the married lifestyle really!). There are so many stories that you can relate to in the volume of mini true life (Most, but not all!) stories by Rachel. Staying on Topic is Hard is a fun, quick read with witty commentary and everyday life.

It isn't a coninuous novel, but I find that the mini stories are fun to jump around and read the ones that strike your fancy from the title first and then go back and read others. (Is it just me or is it kind of fun when you don't have to read a book from cover to cover, but can jump around. It was one of my favorite parts of a couple Goosebumps books when I was younger, you know, the choose your journey ones!)

Want a preveiw of what it's like for newlywed's to suddenly share a bed? Read the story "Sharing a Bed."

Do you really love your Microwave? So does Rachel! Read story "Love Letter."

And there are a ton more that will have you giggling as well!

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