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How did NaNoWriMo 2014 go?

Sabra GilbertComment

This was my first ever NaNoWriMo! While it didn't go exactly the way that I had wanted it to, I'm still extremely proud of myself for jumping into it and trying my best. I'm hoping that maybe once I'm out of school, that then an actual full NaNoWriMo may be easier to do. With school and it being the end of the semester, homework, tests, and projects got in the way of being able to sit down at the computer daily.

In the end, my word count was 11,295 making a total of 20 pages. That's 3,257 more words than I had for a manuscript that I've been working on since June! So some awesome progress, even if it seems small in comparison to other NaNoWriMoers.

How did your November go?

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