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Blog Design: Making Straight All My Paths

Sabra GilbertComment
Hey everyone! I'm celebrating a super awesome moment in my blogging career right now! I just finished designing and installing the first ever design that I have done for someone else! I've enjoyed doing my own throughout the last two years of blogging and thought it was time to try out my hand at making someone else happy! I did!! Here are the deets on what it looks like!

Here is the syle guide that I used to make the design. It is one of the best ones that I've ever made (so far!!) and I truely loved every second of making this design! I was so excited that most of the elements ended up all being made in one 5 hour setting (One that I maybe should have been studying for final exams during instead!)

Making Straight All My Paths is written by one of my good college friends that I've made while in the Navigators. We just celebrated our 2nd Friendaversery while at the Midwest Fall Confrence, the Weekender! We spend puppy time every Tuesday and truely always seem to have fun! You may recognise her from being one of my models this fall as well!!

So here is the final product!

 photo Signature_zps35bc0550.png