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How to Successfully Avoid Doing Homework

Sabra GilbertComment
Avoiding homework begins with spending time prepping yourself to do homework.
- Give yourself a prep talk. It isn't that hard. You are gonna do awesome and get it done in no time!

-Set up your space. You can't get any homework done unless you have your book, binder, pens, pencils, post its, tabs for bookmarking, highlighters, extra papers, your laptop, your charger, your phones charger, a to do list, your planner, some snacks, and something to drink.

- Speaking of drinking, you should make yourself some hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is great for studying. DOn't forget to use your favorite mug and add some coffee creamer to make it wonderful!!

- With a drink, you better have a great snack for while you work! .... Hmm are you hungry? You probably are, you should actually probably have a full meal if it is around a reasonable meal time.

Ok, now that you are all set up for homework, you have to turn on your laptop. . . . but isn't that desktop picture too distracting? I think you need to go to Pintrest to find a new one.

Ooooohhh, Pintrest is soo distracting. . . That is a whole hour gone.

Ok, lets open up the homework website now.. . . Oh! There are more due dates exposed! You should write them in your planner so that you know for later!

OH! Now look at everything that you have to do this upcoming week. You should definatly make a plan on exactly which days you are going to do each and every task.

Oh wow! Look at that, you have a paper due tomorrow!!! That is much earlier than this other peice of homework. GET THAT DONE FIRST!!

Ok, now that that is turned in. . . You should check your grade while you are here!

What is your grade in other classes?

Uhoh, that one isn't too good, what kind of grades do you need to get to get a better grade?

How many problems is your Chemistry homework tonight?

Did you put up a Blog post today?

OMG look at how many pageveiws you got today!!

Now you have to spend some more time making posts just as awesome.

Ooo back to Pintrest!!

. . . And the cycle repeats!

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