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How I Use my Planner 2014

Sabra GilbertComment
I have never found the perfect planner before. There has always been some way that the planner just didn't work for me or that the way Pintrest tried to tell me to use planners didn't work. I randomly found a planner at Walmart this summer that I have fallen completely in love with.

It isn't too big. It isn't too small. And it doesn't put everything into boxes or want me to write what time I'm going to be performing the task. It's just my daily to do list!!

Now I will admit to not being a person who uses my monthly spread that often. But it helps me remember big things or things that happen like clockwork every month, such as bills. I try to have a little bit of a color coding system for things that I know aren't going to move that easily. Bills are in pink. School is in red. Oaks is in black pen and yellow highlighter. Random things like when Simeon is going to work a Debate tournament is just in black.

Now here is my favorite part of the planner! Each day is in a large column that is lined. I loved how I could write my to do list everyday and then I would just check off the item as I finished it. I throw in letter or symbol doodles to try to make certain activities stand out. Sometimes if I do have a tight schedule in a day or a lot of things to do, I'll label around the same area of when to do them, I'll put a A for afternoon, E for evening, and M for morning.

It is a BlueSky planner and I plan to order my next one online when I need a new one come June. Here is one if you are already looking for a new planner! It's not as colorful but it's their only one that they have at the moment that has the same layout. It doesn't have white and black polkadots!!

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