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5 Alternatives to Cable

Sabra GilbertComment

    I love having something play in the background while doing homework, cleaning, cooking, or basically anything that doesn't fully take up my homework. basically, I just enjoy noise at all points of the day so that I can keep my mind focused. . . which sounds weird. But I'm just not willing to pay for cable to keep up this habit.

     So does anyone else think that Cable can be ridiculously expensive? In college, it just doesn't seem like it's really worth it at all, so Simeon and I use other methods to try to save money as we try to afford a better future, you know the whole house, family, and white fence kinda dream.

1| Netflix
2| Hulu & Hulu Pluss
3| Station Websites
4| $5 dvd Bins
5| Movie Swaps with friends

    These options are sooo much cheaper than paying for cable on a monthly basis and can keep you up on recent shows or give you a chance to catch up on any shows that you have missed in the past.

   I go through Netflix shows pretty fast, does anyone have any they recommend?

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