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Why You Should Do Your Thank You's Right Away

Sabra GilbertComment
So here I am. . . 5 months later. . . and I still haven't finished Thank You cards for our wedding yet. I know I know. I'm a horrible person! At first, it was just that we were too busy to even think about them. SImeon was working full time and I was working part time with a full time internship on the side. We barely saw each other and most of the time we had time to eat and then sleep. Yay for college, marriage life! Then on the few days that we did start having free time on, Thank You's just weren't the first thing that anyone wanted to do,

So now I'm starting them. I'm all organized, the address stickers have been placed and I'm writing them in alphabetical order. YAY!

So here are the reasons that you should write yours right away and not wait.

1| Honestly, they don't take long to write.

2| Family members start to get upset about not receiving one.

3| The longer you wait, the longer you don't want to do it.

4| No one remembers what they gave you after a few months anyway.

5| It will hang over you until you get them done.

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