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Lies Bloggers Tell Themselves

Sabra GilbertComment
Blogging is weird. I've discussed this before, so why do people still do it? Well there are a million reasons why someone will tell you that they blog. Most of them are probably lies. Not lies on purpose to you, but lies that the blogger tells themself as well. Just because we don't want to seem conceited or self invovled by admitting some of the real reasons we blog. I'll admit I tell myself some of these as well. And there are perfectly non-selfish reasons to blog as well and to enjoy it, the lies are just the selfish ones that some people don't like to share, but totally keep them in the blogging world anyway.

- Numbers don't matter.
- The money doesn't matter.
- I don't care about the free stuff (LIES! You think it's pretty awesome and do a happy dance every time an Influencer box is in your mailbox.)
- I'm not jealous of other bloggers.
- I'd be fine if nobody read my blog.
- I hate telling people about my blog (you might feel awkward, but the second they give you a compliment, you totally forget any awkwardness!)
- I hate taking pictures of myself (I actually do, hence why there are rarely pictures of me on here. But bloggers with a million pictures of themselves on the blog, adore it!)

Are you a blogger who tells any of these lies? Have any other lies I missed? Spill in the comments!!

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