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Friday Rants: Prioritizing Life

Sabra GilbertComment
Doesn't it just drive you crazy that you can't always do everything that you want to in a day? I know I've been going stir crazy wanting to get back to blogging, but it always seems to fall to the wayside. Pushed out of my daytime activities by homework, classes, navigators, and cleaning. Why doesn't a room or dish just stay clean forever? It's an infinite nuisance!

I always try my best to find a balance of things that I have to get done and that I really want to do with my time. Though I have to admit that Netflix seems to be a great time suck in my life. And Facebook. Actually, most days its just better to leave whatever needs to get done on the computer as the last thing that I do in a day so that other things get done first. Instead of finishing O.Chem homework and then going on a 3 hour netflix binge to "relax". It would work so much better. But of course O.chem is due by 3 Pm so it has to be one of the first things done and then the rest of the day is left to fall in shambles.

So if you've been wondering where I am, its under a stack of clean clothes (thats all wrinkled from not being folded and put away), cooking dinner, and trying to survive my first 1/3 of Senior year. (Yes, I'm taking 3 semesters my senior year, don't judge until you try to work 2 jobs, plan a wedding, and take 18 credits yourself! It makes you want to take the next year to RELAX! and have time to study for all those ridiculously hard 400 level science courses.)

What do you do to prioritize your time?

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