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5 Things to Remember Before Going to a Photo Shoot | Wannabe Photographer Series

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So this past weekend (ok the weekend before that, I admit I'm a horrible blogger :P), I was supposed to take my sister's senior pictures. Well honestly, it was the first shoot of many that I plan to take because I find it fun and I know she likes to be a model, no matter what she tries to tell mom!!

This was my first time actually setting up a photo shoot and working with a real live person who knew that I was taking pictures. (All other person pictures on this blog have been when they weren't paying attention or pure luck!) While I researched almost everything else that was involved with this photo shoot, i didn't really think to research how I should prepare for this photo shoot and the result was that it wasn't very organized.

Luckily, since it was only my first time, that means that I have plenty of time to grow and put everything I learned that blasted Saturday afternoon to use in the future.

1| Plan YOUR outfit.
           Being as I had all morning to prepare for my sister coming out for the photo shoot, I actually took the time to make myself look pretty (something that I honestly don't do that often). Which was great in a way because I felt pretty and confident which always translates into doing a better job because you aren't scared that you are going to fail. But there was a down side. a) I wore my hair down, resulting in it blowing in my face or in front of the camera ruining shots. 2) I wore flip flops that ended up being annoying. . . so i took them off. . . then ran aroung on a sketchy looking bridge. . . which resulted in a giant inch long sliver imbedding itself in the calus of my foot that had to be cut out by my wonderful husband. . . which took 2 hours because I'm a baby and was all upset about the pain.

               Good Ideas include comfy jeans and a fitting shirt, tennis shoes, and your hair up!

2| Make a list of Props
            I knew that a ton of pictures that I wanted included props, but I forgot to get all these items together until the last minute. Means that I forgot some of the props that I really wanted. I think that preparing your box and the list ahead of time for last moment items will be a must for next time.

3| Make & Verify your schedule with your model.
           Appearantly, I only had the schedule in my head and my sister wasn't aware of it. She showed up late, without any make up or in an outfit and wanted me to do her hair. . . I wasn't prepared for any of that and was loosing my light. (Not that I got to use a ton of the light anyway because of my foot but still!!) Make sure everyone involved knows what's going on and what is expected at what time.

4| Have back-up locations.
          So as Saturday didn't work once I hurt my foot, we decided to keep Stormie over night and try to take more pictures the next day since I know she wouldn't be available for pictures again any time soon. Well, the next day it was raining in Brookings. So obviously no pictures were being had here. Luckily, there were also places in Sioux Falls that we wanted to take places at so we were able to on the fly go there on our way to taking Stormie home.

5| Be ready to Confidence Boost.
         The only way to get any kind of a good picture is to make sure to keep your model feeling good about themself and laughing. I brought Simeon around with me to carry props mostly, but he was great at keeping Stormie laughing by making faces behind me and those are my favorite pictures ever. I also enjoyed telling my sister how wonderful she looked as often as possible.

Other than my foot (which is doing great now! Thanks for asking :D), I had a wonderful time going out on my first official photo shoot. I'm hoping to have a few more lined up (with more than just my sister) pretty soon. So come back for my new series, Wannabe Photographer!

Have you done a photo shoot before? What would you wish your photographer had included?

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