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I was so excited to get my hands on this Summer's #SurfsUpVoxBox from Influenster! It had a bunch of nifty things for the summer months.

| | Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration
                    I didn't think that this worked the best for me. While it has aloe in it, it cannot be used as aloe! I figured this out after a horrible sunburn over the fourth of July.

| | Jamba Juice Smoothies
              While there was nothing that I could have in the local Walmart, I had to go over to the next town to get one that I liked, which ended up being Orange Dream. I loved it. It made a perfect amount for Simeon and I both to have some. It was amazing!

| | First Aid Shot Therapy
              This shot worked right away from my headache and backpain that I had one day. It tastes gross and is way too expensive for me, but it was great about how fast it worked.

| | SinfulColors
                This is the brand that I buy all the time. I love this nail polish.

| | Covergirl
               I love CoverGirl mascara. WHile this one was much longer lasting than the other types I have used before, it was a lot harder to get it off at night. It was more of a special occasian mascara.

I received these gifts from Influenster in exchange for a reveiw. These opinions are my own.

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