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Hopes & Plans| Vol. 1

Sabra GilbertComment
So I know I missed Monday, so I'm going to pretend that today is Monday so I can get srarted and be all ready for next week.

1| Plan 2/3s of the next month's blogposts ahead of time.
        I hate the idea of of scheduling all of my blog posts because I love trying to be connected to this blog and the readers. But with school coming up, I know that I wont have enough time to do what I want with this space while studying Organic Chemistry.

2| Create a new budget plan.
        Trying to budget on a per month basis is just not the feasible when hours end up being flexible and paychecks aren't always the exact same. I plan on creating a more accurate paycheck to paycheck plan. But more on that later.

3| Photograph more of life.
        My camera has seriously been missing from my pocket and I feel like I'm missing out on some wonderful photograph oppertunites. I want to capture the beauty. The everyday. Anything. Not just for this blog but for me to enjoy.

4| Start a weekly reveiw blog post.
        Sometimes, I'm horrible at coming up with my own ideas. The creative juices don't just flow constantly!! So having something that I just know is going to come out weekly and be done lifts up my spirits and makes it easier.

5| Inbox Zero
        This has been something that I've been dying to do forever. Now I'm putting it on the "Get this Nonsense Done Now!" list. I have 4 emails that I use on a regular basis. 1 of them overwhelms me everytime I open the inbox. That is not a good thing! I'm getting it done!

6| Run 5 times.
        Yeah. This is one that Simeon got me started on. We run now. It's been pretty slow going since a high school foot injury still bugs me once I run for too long. So we are trying to start slowly and hopefully build back strength and erase my old sprint only ways for distance running. Wish me luck.

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