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Grumblings of a College Senior

Sabra GilbertComment
So we're into Day 3 of Senior year here in the Gilbert household. And I'm going to rant. Because it's my blog and I want/need to.

Dear Big-Blue-Diesel-Truck owner, that is not your parking spot. It is mine. I know you are all new to this apartment and everything. . . . but I would think the big yellow 1 on the spot would inform you that no that is not your parking spot. Please try again. In another spot. I don't like not having a place to park just because big boys with trucks have decided that they need half the apartment parking space.

Dear New-and-Possessed Printer, Please tell me why you just now. . . 5HOURS LATER decided that it was a good time to finally print the notes that I needed for my 1:00 PM class. #notamused.

Dear Unopened Textbooks, Why must you be so unappealing. I don't want to read you. But my grades are screaming to me that it is critical to be tied to your boring self all semester. Please try to be slightly interesting.

Dear Messy-Smelly-Didn't-I-Just-Clean-You Apartment, REally?!?!? Really?!?!? Can't you stay clean for two seconds, and don't you dare go blaming me! You do it to yourself while Simeon and I are sleeping, I swear!

Dear Highly-Abused-and-Neglected Blog, I"m sorry. You probably think that I don't love you anymore. I swear that I do. I just. . . yeah.

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