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Dear Senior Year & #TBT

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Dear Senior Year,

     Where did you come from?!?! It feels like just yesterday I was a college freshman trying to figure out life and dealing with the everyday adventures of a new campus. Now I've been here over 3 years and I can't beleive that is true. Where did the time go? Where did freshman me go?

     The one who wanted to Ace undergrad and go to Iowa State for Veterinary school. The one who had never been around horses. Who was shy at NavNites and didn't think she was anywhere near qualified to talk to people about Jesus. To be honest, when I look in the mirror now, I barely see traces of her. I still have a ton of the same friends and morals and abilities, but I'm a completely different person than I was back then. A Ton of things have changed since then.

   | I got married to my high school sweetheart.
   | I fell in love with horses.

   | I changed my entire career path.

   | I've paid all my own bills.

   | I bought a car.

   | I've found my favorite alcoholic drink.

   | I've been baptised.

   | I became a bible study leader.

      The only thing that is lame about this being "senior year" is the fact that I'm still not graduating come this May. I"m sticking it out until next December. But it's still a great time to refect on everything that has changed and the things that are coming for Simeon and I. We're gonna start preparing for Simeon's GRE, and lookings at Grad schools for him and internships/jobs for me in whatever area he feels an affinity for, we're going to get another new car (one from this millenia!!), and start thinking of the type of puppy we are going to get once we move. Of course there is also the whole planning the move thing as well. A new state. A new city. A new apartment. I'm excited for evertyhing to coming and Senior year is basically just a big year of planning for us. But I'm excited for the future.

And yes, senioritis does kick in even if you know that you have 3 semesters left and not just two. Please pray for me!! :)

So I've never done throwback Thursday, so hear are some photos from my Freshman year.

1| Me and a random puppy at Lifelight while waiting to finally see Simeon again.

2| My 1st dorm room. The bottom bunk is mine.

3| Simeon and I carving a pumpkin over his Fall break.

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