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The Day that I Missed the Most Awesome Picture Ever.

Sabra GilbertComment
The Day that I Missed the Most Awesome Picture Ever.

Let me set the scene for how much of a fail this picture ended up being. It was a beautiful summer evening where my roommate and I were out working. We were in a large pasture looking for SDSU's yearling herd so that we could feed them for the night. Unfortunatly for us, they had decided that this time of evening looked best in the corner of the large pasture farthest from the grain bins where we feed them. As soon as we had wondered out far enough to gain their attention, they began running towards us knowing that it was dinner time. Suddenly, Lindy and I realized that we were in the middle of a wonderful oppertunity to run with horses.

And running with horses we were. I was so excited taht I ripped my camera out of my pocket and start taking pictures of Lindy running with horses and me doing the same thing. Prime and awesome pictures.

And all I got was this. . .

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