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Where's your mindset?

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So Summertime is the perfect time to reflect on the past school year. To figure out what worked and what didn't work for you.

Some people do this in earnest all of the time. Some people think that it's a waste of time. And it all matters on your mindset what you really think of the whole idea. I've been reading a book called Mindset byCarol Dweck, and it's making me realize how much of a fixed mindset I really have when it comes to schooling. A fixed mindset is when a person walks into a situation and immediatly thinks that their ability to learn the topic or improve is based exactly from where they start on the first day. There is no such thing as truely improving. You are good or you are not. That is that.

I'm pretty sure that's how I decided to walk into Organic Chemistry this past year. And why I ended up failing. I didn't want to put the time into it because obviously "it just wasn't my thing." Why should I concentrate on learning the complicated ideals of Organic Chemistry that I struggled with, when there was enjoyable horse class homework to be doing. Or blogging to do. Anything that I actually was good or decent at or enjoyed.

Now, I know that I don't have a fixed mindset about everything. Otherwise, my blog wouldn't be self-designed, I wouldn't be internshipping with horses, or I wouldn't have made a pretty awesome apple pie like I did on Saturday for Simeon's birthday. If I had a fixed mindset in these areas, I wouldn't have even thought it possible to try to design and learn to code my own site. I didn't know how to do  it, but I've been soaking in tutorial's for over a month now trying to figure it out. If I had listened to the people I knew with a fixed mindset, I wouldn't have the goal to own my own horse ranch someday. Many people who grew up with horses think that the only way to know anything about horses is to have grown up knowing horses. It isn't something that can easily be taught, and they always think that they know better than me because they have been in the industry longer (But even someone who is only learning to photograph horses for horse ads in class knows that if the teacher says that it's a horible picture of your horse, you don't go submitting it to her for grading.)

There are so many things that I allow myself to focus on learning and improving on all the time, I really need to refocus that same mindset on my harder classes as well. I am hoping to dominate Organic Chemistry this year. :D

Ever set yourself up to fail at something because you decided that you weren't good at it?
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