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Dear Blogworld.

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Dear Blogworld,

Hey. Hi. Well, this is awkward. But then again, that’s how I am when I introduce myself to people. I’m awkward. Because I’m awkward, I’m terrible at making friends. In person and in blogworld.

You would think that blogworld would be a million times easier, but no. Cause then it takes even more effort to actually reach out and say hi. You have to type out what you are going to say. And if it doesn’t sound right you erase it a million times. You can perfect every word that you use. It isn’t just blurted and then never to be taken back. So sometimes I'll start a comment, or a post, and get halfway through and be like wow. . . I just sound like an idiot. Why am I sending this out to be seen by the world! What if someone actually sees this? OR!! READS IT! And makes fun of me! That's a pretty easy thing to do on the internet. To point at the screen and laugh. I have an entire Pintrest board that makes me laugh my head off. But I digress. Writing things for the whole world to see can sometimes be harder than walking up to one person and just saying hi and introducing yourself.

Which is actually the whole reason that I'm here. To introduce myself. In Pintrest Pins. Because . . . I am a Pintrest Addict.

I figure that these all describe me in one way or another. :D

Happy Thursday!!

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