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16 on the 16th

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment
So I figured that if I'm gonna be making a big come back, maybe I should include reintroducing myself to anyone that might be new around here (and hopefully, there are a few people here that don't know me in real life). So here are 16 random facts on June 16th.

. . .I am married to the MOST wonderful man I've ever met.
. . .I want to own a horse/dog/rabbit breeding ranch.
. . .I'm a biology major with equine and chemistry minors.
. . .Simeon and I are celebrating our first whole month in our first apartment together.
. . .Coke and Crown is my favorite drink.
. . .I love my new Keurig.
. . .I drive a 1989 Park Avenue.
. . .Horses are my stress releiver.
. . .I sing in the shower.
. . .Homemade pizza is the best, but sometimes Pizza Hut just hits the spot.
. . .I'm addicted to cheese.
. . .and Pintrest.
. . .I adore candles.
. . .If I love a book, I will read it over and over and over again.
. . .I play League of Legends with Simeon and his guy friends.
. . .I can't wait to have a giant family of biological and adopted children.

I would love to get to know my readers better as well! Leave a comment, or send me and email with some facts about you!

(I have to admit that I can't figure out how to answer blogger comments, so until I install Disqus, an email might be the best option!)

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