You and Me & Chasing Little G

May Goals

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment
1| Work on Reception music.

2| Finalize ceremony.

3| Detail out food for the reception.

4| Pack up my apartment.

5| See a foal be born. (I dind't get to see the foal be born exactly, but I saw him minutes after he was. I got to see him first stand up, nurse, and cross off all the necessary checkmarks for a newborn foals.)

6| Call florist.

7| Pick up my wedding dress. (This is getting done on Tuesday!!)

8| Get Groomsmen gifts.

April was a very productive month!! With the wedding only 12 days away, its time to crack down even more! Luckily, This week is finals week so I am starting to get even more time to do things. I am soo excited about how there are only a few more days until I get to marry Simeon.

1| Get married.
2| Enjoy our Honeymoon.
3| Finish school strong.

Nothing too intense. I just want to enjoy this next month.