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Things "Needed" to be an Awesome Blogger

Sabra GilbertComment

1| Photoshop

2| Intensive HTML abilities.

3| A Baby 
No one can ever resist a blog that has baby bump dates or monthly updates, admit it. now on that topic. . .

4| A Dog.
Preferably a naughty puppy that is super adorable and gives you plenty of hilarious stories to share on a weekly basis. And a lot of funny pictures.

5| A Smartphone.
Instagram anyone?

6| An insanely awesome Camera.

7| Awesome Time Management Skillz
Cause who else remembers to post about planning for finals week before finals week?

8| List Making Skillz

9| The ability to think of things to list in series of 5, 10, or whatever number sounds cool.

10| Glitter.
Lots and Lots of Glitter.

11| Able to take pretty pictures.

12| Editing skillz

13| Pintrest

14| The ability to live on social media outlets

15| Editorial Calenders
To put those time management skills to work for ya!

16| Awesome stationary.

17| An adorable Desk.

18| Hard work ethic.

To be honest, a lot of this is really really helpful. But a lot more of it isn't neccessary. I think we live in an age where we think we can lean on crutches to get us to the top. A lot of time it takes pure talent and dedication to what you want to accomplish. Yes, these things can make it a lot easier, but you could easily make a blog successful without the majority of these things.