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Things "Needed" For a Wedding

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments

So I'm appearantly on a kick of things that are and aren't needed for things. Is it just me or does everyone always think that so much more than is actually neccessary is needed? So here are the things that the wedding sites will tell you that you "need" that Simeon and I are going without.

1| A DJ.
Spotify or Itunes work just fine and are ALOT cheaper!!

2| Alcohol
Why does everyone think they have to get drunk at weddings? I know that it can be fun, but it isn't needed. And you can save a lot of money by skimping on that as well.

3| A Limo/Fancy Car
What's wrong with driving off in your own wheels?  It will save a lot of money on something that you barely actually use.

4| Favors
I've never actually gotten the favors thing. You are already paying for their food and entertainment for the night, why do they need a gift too?

5| Save the Dates
Trust me, anyone who is important to you is going to know your date. If you are having an at home wedding that is not a destination wedding, everyone should be fine with the normal two or three months worth of notice. (Though they are adorable so I"m not dissing people who do use them).

6| Ceremony Musicians
Yeah, it great to have live music,but once again, you are paying for way more than you will most likely use.

7| Expensive Wedding Planners
Like actual people, totally unneccessary unless you think you have literally 0.003 seconds a day to even think about planning. But totally splurge on making yourself an adorable binder that you will love to pull out. I'll be showing mine off soon, along with the pages that I made for myself. . . that I might just share!

8| HUGE GIANT flowers
Like get lots of pretty flowers, but don't let them overpower your awesome love for each other.

9| Excessive Dishes
Have nice dishes and stuff, but no one needs to be eating off diamond plates. SOmeone wwill probably break one anyway.

10| Ten Million Options
Giving guests one option or two is no big problem. People in general don't actually like a million options. SO just give enough to get through.

To be completely honest, is anything really needed for a wedding? I think the only thing that should really be important on that day is not the flowers, not the words that are said, not the dress, but how much you and your fiance love each other and want to spend your life together and you are willing to come in front of everyone you love and care for and in front of God and commit to one another.

Erica Jacquline