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No Sleep in April

Sabra GilbertComment
April is already turning out to be one of those months.
Where you are exausted and know that you are going to get absolutly no sleep at all!
It's one of those months full of packing, end of the semester projects, wedding details, work, foal watches at 12, 3, and 6 in the morning, and spending as much time with friends as possible before they all scatter for the summer. To wisconson, to home, some even across the world.

Packing| Guys! I move out of my apartment in three weeks! Sorry, I never gave you guys an actual tour, but holy cow! I have learned to do it off the bat or it never gets done! It gets pushed off by a messy room, school starting, wedding planning, anything and everything. I'll do better in my new apartment I swear! I promise! And I'm gonna miss my little room. It's where I've spent the last year growing and changing. Where Kaity and I spoke with Russian accents, Lindy and I had deep talks, I realized (before Simeon proposed) that our wedding month was in my hands, literally in this years planner. It's been the home to my veil, my newfound cooking skillz leftovers, where I really stretched my legs on decorating for the first time. Rooms hold so many memories sometimes. I'm going to miss the ones that are in here.

Semester Projects| All of a sudden my weeks are full of finishing projects, tests, and thinking about finals. Last week, I had a project due on Monday, and an exam a day for the rest of the week in Equine Repro, Anatomy & Physiology of Domestic Animals, and 2 in Physics. Talk about immense stress and no sleep! Now I have some more school projects coming up as well. Some were given a week ago and some a month ago. YAY! lol

Wedding Details| Big picture is always what I like to do. Details drive me nuts. Now it's getting into making lists of every little thing needed. Planning the day into the last second is not something I really want to do. How my nails will be done is about as detailed as I like to get. Oh well. Only 40 days left guys!

Work| Working two jobs right now is sooo overwhelming with my changing school schedule and trying to fit in appointments between 8 and 5 which is also when I work. . . ugh.

Foal Watches| Oh boy, I never knew they would make me sooooo tired! Having to get up every three hours, I felt like a new mom. But it will be worth it if I see a foal!

Sorry if i'm a little scarce around here in the next two months. If anyone would like to do guest posts in May on my blog, please email me at Thank you!