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Heart Change

Sabra GilbertComment
Wanna know the funniest thing about having your heart changed?
It makes changing things in your life so much easier. You don't change these things because you have been told to do them, but because you WANT to do them. You want to read the bible. You want to go to church. You want to tell people about your good news.

Wanna know something scary about having your heart changed?
If you don't feed what it wants, and start to let everyday stuff (or as most Christians call it, the World) get in the way, I think it is possible for your heart to change back into the stone it was before our Savior and your faith in him made it soft.

To be honest, I think I've been letting that happen to me. I haven't been in the Word as I should have. Sometimes I miss church for no other reason than I'm tired and don't want to get out of bed. I put being with Simeon above going to NAVS. And I didn't really notice what I was missing. Can I really say that I've been missing anything lately when I've also been so insanely busy? But isn't that how the World gets you?

By letting you beleive that you are just so insanely busy that you don't have time to read your bible, to listen to another speaker, or to focus a whole hour and a half on learning more about God.

Wanna know a great smack in the face for moments like these?
Sitting down and forcing yourself to make time to read the bible. By waking up an hour or a half hour before you usually do and doing nothing but putting your bible in front of you. But don't just read it and think that you are done. Read it and think about why God thinks this passage was important to put into the Bible. It may not be incredibly easy.

Today,I read John 11. It's about the death of Lazarus and how Jesus raises him from the dead. But Jesus knew that he was sick before heading back to Bethany, instead he waited until Lazarus had been dead for 4 days and then raised him.

This may be a stretch of the text, but it's how it hit me this morning. Maybe I needed to be sick in my faith before I could really be changed by it again. I didn't see the drop coming or notice it when I was starting to fall away.

Now when I say that I was starting to fall away, I don't mean from Christianity in general, I mean from my heart change. I was letting going through the motions, of being a bible study leader, of only letting prayer be my only link to God, of pretending that God was first in my life.

It's so easy to just go through the motions sometimes. To not really put much thought into them. To think you can handle everything on your own.

But I can't do that. I don't want to do that. I want to put everything back in God's hands. I want to make Him the number one priority in my life again. I want to joyfully go to church and Navigators and want to wake up a half hour early EVERY day to do my devotions and spend time alone with God. It isn't a chore. It's a gift.