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March 2014 Wedding Goals

Sabra GilbertComment

January Goals
1| Order my invitations.

2| Send out my wedding invitations.

3| Start working on ceremony music.

4| Make a list of must have music for the reception.

5| Sketch out and start picking out decorations for center pieces.

Three out of 5 in two months. . . well its been a rough semester so you can't really blame me. Things are busy around here and with only a little over 2 months before the wedding, things are getting even more crazy! A lot of other things did get done, even if the things on my list from two months ago didn't. 

1| We bought Wicked tickets (for our honeymoon)
2| We bought our hotel room for said honeymoon
3| Put a down payment and signed a lease to our apartment.
4| Had my Bridal shower.

Now on to March goals! (Yes, I skipped a month. It happens)

1| Send out invitations

2| Decorate centerpeice items

3| Finish off paying for Venue

4| Work with Jacey on the Reception dance music.

5| Finalize ceremony options.

6| Bug Bridal party to get all outfit things.