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Wedding Wednesday: The Gift Registry Trip

Sabra GilbertComment

Written: August 25th

So yesterday, Simeon and I decided that we were gonna start registering for gifts, just to get something productive and really fun out of the way.
We headed into Sioux Falls with a list of to dos and planning to enjoy our time together as we got them done. We were gonna insure my ring, look at wedding decoration stores, and conquer the gift registry in style! Along with having lunch with Simeon's family.

We had so much fun going to the mall to insure my ring. We ended up looking at wedding rings.
To see how wonderful a little matching band would go next to my engagement ring.
To see how Simeon's fingers would even look with a ring on it.
How they would match perfectly.

After that fun, we wandered around the mall a little bit more and found a place called Things Remembered. It has plenty of personalized wedding gifts and favors.
It was sooo cute!
We also then found the same little outlet store that Simeon rented his vest and tie from Senior year for prom, just so we could possibly hash out more prices on different options for the groomsmen.

I would have to say it was quite the productive little trip before we went to lunch with Simeon's family at a wonderful Chinese place in Sioux Falls. I enjoyed watching Simeon's little niece chow down on fruits and veggies and run around holding her Grandma's hand. That little girl is growing up sooo fast!

After lunch, we found THE perfect guestbook EVER!
It was exactly what I wanted.
Simeon was in love with it.
The price was exactly perfect.
Oh, I can't wait to show it off.
But that's a wedding day surprise for later. 

Finally, we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to start our registry. They have such wonderful service! We started the trip thinking we would find everything we liked the most first before we started officially doing the registry, just so we didn't have a million things we didn't actually want on there. But that got overwhelming and boring fast. So instead we decided to just take the dive and jump right in!
The woman who helped us was soo nice! She handed us a packet of papers with great information and deals. We also just got to sit right there at the counter and look at the really fancy things that you can put on your registry such as fine china and such.

Then, we got to run around with the gun. That was INSANELY fun.
I may or may not have gotten a little trigger happy.
We may or may not have a periodic table shower curtain that Simeon really wants on the registry.
We may or may not have scanned candy for the fun of it.
We may or may not actually have room for all this stuff if we get it all.
And that was just store one.