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Wedding Wednesday: Engagment Photobook

Sabra GilbertComment

So when I bought my dress, David's Bridal is so kind as to give brides a packet of deals and free things. One of the cards was a promo code for $54.99 off of a Shutterfly Photobook. But of course it also had an expiration date in November. So no wedding photobook discount for me!

But instead, I used the discount to make a pretty epic Engagement Photobook.

The process is a lot of fun and is very easy. You pick your theme and then upload all of the pictures that you think you may use. Then you start to design the book with a combination of premade pages and things that you can create by yourself.

I love it! Even though I won't be getting it for free, I am positive that I'm going to make another one for my wedding day! It was soo easy to make and I love looking at it!

The one that I have is a 12 x 12, which I didn't realize would be so big! But I will probably be getting the rest of my photo books in this size as well!

It's slightly an addictive process. I feel bad for Simeon, because now that I have gotten a taste of Shutterfly, I am in love with it and just want to make everything and have it all! :)

These opinions are all my own and I was not compinsated by Shutterfly for stating them.