You and Me & Chasing Little G

Tiny Victories

Sabra GilbertComment
Anyone one else love when something insanely tiny is accomplished?

Like my car starting in the morning in negative degree weather.
Getting to take a half hour long HOT shower!

or the one that I'm most excited about at the moment,

Becoming A Gilbert has gone over a whole week without hitting 0 veiws in a day!

This moment is only so huge, when I compare it to how College.Crazy.Life is still getting over 60 pageveiws a day and it makes me wonder if I made the right decision to just switch it over. Pintrest is one of my driving sources of page veiws and everything still sends out to College.Crazy.Life istead of here.

But I'm excited for this great rebuild and in knowing that I know so much more about trying to interact with you guys than I ever did for College.Crazy.Life.

So wish me luck!