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Probably Gonna Be A Rant

Sabra GilbertComment
Time never stops for anything does it.

I feel like time has been racing ahead of me with nothing really prepared for the future. There is no time to stop and think about what I want to do and to make a plan, its mostly just jumping in head first and hoping that what I think I want is the right choice and just going with it.

This is happening with so many different things in my life. Wedding Planning. Apartment Searching. Job preparing (AKA college, but I wanted the power of three! :)). 

Wedding Planning has been driving me nuts lately. What happened to August when i thought I had a million months to figure everything out. To take my time making decisions. I was gonna be that girl that had everything set and ready to go by now! Sure I do have a lot of things done. I really do know that I'm making progress in this planning buisness. But my days of making a decision every once in a while are over and I need to step things up hard core! Start working on DIY projects for the wedding so I'm not killing myself with finals week and preparing these things at the same time!

Two months ago, Simeon and I started looking for apartments, but everyone kept saying they didn't show or know anything until January. So we waited. Now all of a sudden the whole campus is in a panic trying to get places set up for next year and Simoen and I are trying to figure out how to pay for an apartment and a wedding. It gets a little stressful really quick!

And then there is college. College classes. College internships. College decisions. I'm all of a sudden a junior and need to start thinking about the hard questions!! What do I want to do in a year when I'm about to graduate? Grad school? Straight into a job? Do i want to be a zoo keeper? Work with horses? Run around like a chicken with my head chopped off? Two years ago, I thought I had forever to make these decisions. But its impossible to know how fast that time is actually going to go.

Time truely just disappears between your fingers like sand some time. Now the time is going fast. But will it slow down when I get married? When I graduate? When I start having kids? I really doubt it. I need to find the time now to really start making decisions on what I want my life to be centered around. So when the time comes for fast and quick decisions, I have the groundwork I already need.

Well, this was just gonna be a quick "What I've been up to" Post that turned into a little bit of a rant pretty quick.

Thanks for sticking around :)