You and Me & Chasing Little G

Our Love Story Part 2

Sabra GilbertComment

To be honest, most of our relationship Sophomore year was nonexistent  I don't remember really paying attention to Simeon all that much. He wasn't the focus of my attention and I wasn't his. We had fun hanging out in our big groups and towards the very end of Sophomore year, right before I went to my dad's is actually the first time I can recall hanging out with Simeon when Trent wasn't there.

That was a fun, yet slightly awkward night roaming the railroad tracks and basically keeping me up all night having as much fun as possible with three of my friends, including Simeon, It was right before I was going to leave for my dad's all summer, and they kept me up until an hour before the car was to leave my driveway at 5 AM in the morning. My dad lived 8 hours away.

Junior year was when everything changed.

We were friends now. We hung out. I was getting over my whole trent phase (sorry buddy).

And then LifeLight happened.

Simeon's parents rented out a camping site at LifeLight for all of Simeon's friends to camp out and be able to stay there all weekend without driving back and forth. Girls got the camper and the boys got the tent. It was a great weekend of Christian music and laughing with friends. It was also the weekend that I realized I could easily start to like this guy. 

I had seen the goofy, always good for a laugh, flirty Simeon, but had never really seen anything more. Well this weekend I was trying to rock out and headbang, while also recovering from an out of place rib that had recently been popped back into place. This meant a lot of weird looking streatches and a lot of pain medication to hold off the stabbing pain of being pushed in mob pit style crowds and jumping. During a great Family Force Five concert, Simeon was my body guard. He made sure that no one josseled me too much and that I never got pushed around. He also was the kind gentleman who decided that he would go back to the camp site with me when it was time to ice my side again after the concert. So we laid on the blow up mattress in the open tent, just talking for a while and somehow, fell asleep.

This was when I started to realize that I slightly liked this guy. I had to be crazy, this was the self proclaimed "I don't date in high school" guy and I obviously had some problems if I was going to make him my next crush.