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Jolly Vox Box

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So if you have been around here for long. You know that I don't reveiw things. Like ever. Well that is hopefully going to be one of the big changes around this area! I plan on jumping into reveiws, and recipes, and a million other things that I have just been in love with lately. Hopefully, I find some time this weekend to write up a bunch of posts to keep you guys occupied while I start the dreaded Spring semester.

But more on that later. Let's get down to what you guys really came here for!


What is a Vox Box you say?
Well, it's 5 samples of different products that I'm luckily given to make a reveiw on for you guys! I promise in all my reveiws to always give you guys my honest opinion. Even if it isn't a favorable one!

So first off, the goods.

1| Skinny Cow Chocolates.
To be completely honest. I hated them. Simeon, a bunch of my firneds, and my mom all think they are great. I didn't get through one pack. But then again, I am very picky of my chocolate. No one messes with my chocolate!

2| Duck Tape
I like duck tape. A lot. Especially decorative ducktape. But they did give me pink. . . but I'm dealing with that. I used it to fix up a binder of mine and it is zebra tape. I love me some zebra! So I'll live with the pink. It was supposed to be easy tear. I don't know if I just have issues with things, but I couldn't get it to tear to save my life! Not what I've heard from other people. maybe I just got a weird one. But it cut wonderfully with scissors, so that didn't bother me much.

3| Puffs tissues with lotion.
I ADORE THIS! I love tissues because living in South Dakota (Did you hear that it got like -50 here with windchill on Monday?) its REALLY dang cold and my nose is always runny. Or bleeding from how dry it gets here in the winter. So I love that these little pouches can fit in your pocket or your desk at work or your bookbag. (That's where all of mine that I bought before this package came in are right now) And it's lotiony. With how dry it is here, its like a gift to my nose!

4| NYC Eyeshadow
I like this a lot! I'm pretty sure its going to become part of my daily make-up routine (that is being formulated now :)). Its really light so its not obnoxious to wear every day and the directions are crystal clear for a gorgeous eye! And if you want it darker, its just a powder so you can layer it on some more.

5| Rimmel London Lip Laquer.
I loved the color of this lip laquer. . . Simeon on the other hand did not enjoy it's sticky ways! I left a big mark on his face and he was not happy about that. (I have a picture but I'm not sure where it is at the moment.). Once the lip laquer stained my lips and the rest came off, it was much better though.

All in all, I truely enjoyed my #voxbox!