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2014 Theme And Goals

Sabra GilbertComment
So I don't know if a lot of you guys realized this, but last semester was was an extremely rough one for me. I put too much on my plate and just didn't have any of the time that I needed for anything as I was always running around getting things done or trying to spend time with my fiance and planning my wedding or working.

It was bad.

This semester, I've decided to clear away a lot of things that I was doing just to make me feel accomplished, but didn't really have a true meaning to my long term goals. I have decided instead to focus in on 4 areas of my life that I want to improve.

Faith. Wellness. Acedemic. Blog.

I had heard before of a theme word for the year to really focus on, but mine made more sense with a whole quote instead.

I really just want to break out and throw myself fully into these areas. No longer just slipping by with passing in these areas, but excelling like I have never excelled before. Really standing up for myself and what I beleive and changing things.

I just feel like I have let everything that has been by grace given to me slip by without really taking a hold of it and getting everything that I want and can get out of it. I don't want to simply get by, I want to fly and be a presence that makes a difference.

Simply getting by is no longer and option.

Here are my goals that will help me ROAR in these areas.

-          Memorize at least through the C pack
-          Do daily devotions by myself and with Simeon
-          Meet with a bible study girl at least once a week outside of study

-          Write in my journal every day
-          Work out 3 times a week
-          Create a budget for Simeon and I.

-          Spend 2 hours in the library/Union a week to study.
-          Get nothing below a B for the entire year.
-          Retype my academic plan

-          Refocus my blog.
-          Create from scratch a blog binder.