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Failing at Life

Sabra GilbertComment
Ever had a semester or season in your life where you felt like you just failed at doing everything.
School. Keeping organized. Love life. Planning things. Your obligations. Your job.
Just nothing went the way that it was supposed to.
That has been this entire semester for me. I haven't been doing my best, but I have never had the energy to do everything any better. And when I did focus on this area or that area of my life, something horrible would happen in another area of my life to slap me in the face that it wasn't getting enough attention.
I would fail a test. I would forget to write a guest post for a friend. I had to cancel on plans with a buddy, or even worse, Simeon or my family. I didn't go home enough. When I was home I was doing homework. I didn't have my memory verses memorized.

This semester to me has been one train wreck after another. I can't wait for this semester to be finished so I can cut back on a few things and focus on what I really want to focus on.
Putting my attention into my bible study. Getting the grades I know I can get. Putting out blog posts. Getting my wedding planned. Still having time for Simeon, my family, and my friends. Not feel like I'm suffocating from busyness.

I need to get the chaos out of my life and get some sence of balance, focus, and harmony back.
My mom suggests yoga or meditation.

Have either of those ever helped destress you?
Have any suggestions on the best course of action for yoga or meditation?

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