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Wedding Wednesday: Photographer, Miranda Busse

Sabra GilbertComment

So I'm here to introduce a young woman that I am INSANELY jealous of!
This girl is already living her dream, and just started college this semester. How many people can say that? Maybe like 5.

She is my friend, and future wedding photographer, Miranda Busse!

I first met her when I was going with Simeon to one of his friends weddings in Nebraska. Miranda and I bonded in the backseat of a 6 hour can ride. She was going to be the photographer for the wedding, which I admit to totally thinking that was crazy since she was so young.

My mind was blown when I saw the pictures and the way she worked (I may have stalked her part of that day.)

So after seeing these wonderful pictures, and anything else on her wonderful business facebook page, Simeon and I knew as soon as we became engaged who we were going to ask to do our pictures!

Miranda takes wonderful pictures and we knew that we would be comfortable with her since we had known her beforehand. But even if you don't know her ahead of time, Miranda is such an easy person to warm up to in no time!

So if you are in the Omaha, NE area make sure to look her up!
She takes family pictures, wedding pictures, engagement pictures, senior pictures, and a whole lot more!
If anything you should like her facebook page because of the wonderful picture that will pop up on your feed from time to time.

Here is some more of her wonderful work. Let me tell you, I am excited to see what she does with Simeon and I!