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Maybe We're Weird

Sabra GilbertComment
So maybe Simeon and I were weird, but when I read this article on The Knot I just couldn't relate to it at all.

A lot of the things that the article said were signs he was about to propose were things that started in our relationship a long time ago.

Simeon and I made the decision that were 99% sure we were going to get married years ago. He was just waiting for the perfect timing, when we weren't separated by by 4 hours and only seeing each other once a month. So most of the time, he has never made a giant decision without me being a part of it or helping him decide. Does this not happen in most dating situations?

He started asking me for my ring size and what my perfect ring would look like over a year and a half ago. Though he had a perfect excuse in how he bought me an Irish friendship ring for my 20th birthday. I think it was perfect engagement ring training as he bought it right in front of me without me even realizing it. And then popped it in front of my face as I woke up on my birthday (of course, when I first saw the box, I thought it was a different kind of ring.).

I guess it's my opinion that getting married shouldn't be something that just randomly springs up on you. It should be decided between you two way in advance and the majority of your relationship should obviously be leading up to it. I don't really believe in being in a "relationship" that is based on the fact that you two may or may not end up together, but lets just see how it goes.

Sure every relationship begins that way, but within the first year, or as soon as you decide to say I love you, I think you should pretty much have your mind made up that you are going to marry that person some day. I know random things do come up, but for the most part, relationships should be taken extremely seriously in the terms of what dating was even meant for. Dating and falling in love was to find exactly who you want to marry. Though I don't believe in tasting every jam on the shelf before you pick one, I think that deciding to even sample being with a guy should be an extremely picky situation.

Giving out your heart shouldn't be something you do very often, because every time you do, you loose a tiny peice. If you give it out to any boy that comes into your life, the piece that you are finally able to give your future husband isn't going to be as big as it could have been.

Now I'm not saying this without experience, I used to serial date guys I barely actually knew. But really THE best relationship I ever have or will be in stemmed from a two year long friendship. I slowly fell for this guy and knew that he really liked me back before he even would consider going out with me.

It was so much better to be in a relationship with a guy who wasn't just wanting to be in a relationship or just wanting a girl around. Suddenly, knowing that he was even thinking it was a good idea to even start a relationship was a symbol of how much he really cared about me. Our first kiss was a giant mile marker in our relationship, instead of just a random happenstance.

So think about changing your mind about how you view things.

How do you approach relationships?