You and Me & Chasing Little G

Living out the Small Dreams.

Sabra GilbertComment
So I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, The Magnolia Pair, and she brought to my attention something that was really important.

Just because we can't live our big dreams right this moment, doesn't mean that we can't enjoy a few small dreams along the way.

But then I got to thinking, what were my small dreams.
What was going to make me tick while I waited to finish my degree, to raise the money, to be in a time in my life where my dream was tangibly possible?

I think these two little blogs of mine are a small dream that I have been neglecting lately.
I haven't done nearly as much with them this year as I had originally wanted to.
I had wanted to get to a place where between my two blogs, I was posting everyday.
Where my Facebook pages for both were blooming (I'm pretty sure no one even realized that Becoming a Gilbert even has a Facebook page!)
Where I had effectively figured out Twitter! (Is it just me or is Twitter hard?!)
I wanted to start making Printable for you lovely people!
A wonderful college management binder.
A wedding binder.
Fun prints.
Just about anything.

I dream of taking wonderful pictures and sharing them on here with you guys.
We are officially jumping into winter here in South Dakota (shown by the pile of snow that is building up outside the window) and I hope that maybe I can still find a way to keep taking pictures like I did this past summer. I loved every moment of taking crazy, weird, beautiful pictures. 
Someday, I hope to get a legit camera and actually understand how to use it!

 So I'm going to take November to try to jump back into doing and being thankful for everything that has fallen into my life that I love and making the small dreams count.

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