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Another Post without Pictures

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment
I like to think of this as my place to rant sometimes.
But that means that there are no awesome pictures.
And nothing that would truly bring anyone to this blog.

Just a little update on my life.

It's only 6 months until my wedding guys! Which means I gotta start cranking stuff out!
I feel a little lost sometimes. Like I"m missing out on the really fun parts of being engaged in college. Like I should be able to go out and have a good time celebrating but am instead stuck inside doing homework. Which I should actually be doing right now.

Speaking of homework.
I'm constantly doing it! I agree with Lizzy, from Lizzy's Luggage, I will do anything to try to get out of homework. Though I would like to include writing a blog post instead of doing your Physic's lab report to the list!

Did I ever even share what classes I'm taking this year?

Organic Chemistry
Equine Nutrition
Technical Communications

The only fun class in Equine Nutrition and I still have to work my bum off in that class!

Living in an apartment has been fun so far this semester. Though between our crazy schedules, the chores get neglected a lot. We all try to do what we can, when we can, but every once in a while we all just look at each other like this is crazy! Which it is.

Navigators has been awesome though. I'm loving being a bible study leader. I really can't believe that this semester is going by so fast! Soon it going to be Spring semester and we will be moving onto something else. 

This semester is really flying and I have no idea where the time is going. I guess that's what happens when you take 17 credits, have two jobs, be a bible study leader, and am planning a wedding. Throw two blogs in the mix and you can see why I've been going crazy! :)

Things are looking up.
Christmas is on its way.
I'll have a lighter load next semester.
And I'm figuring out my future (finally!)

But more on that part later :)

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