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Wedding Wednesday: Taking Engagement Pictures

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment

So Simeon and I took engagement pictures this week.
 I know FINALLY right?
But guess what that little bugger decided to do the weekend before we took over 500 pictures together?
Get injured at his job a bajillion times!

First, he comes to my place for dinner on Saturday, doesn't say anything. Just watches me run around the kitchen fixing him dinner and I turn to get a hug and see a HUGE bruise and gash on the side of his face! Someone went and got his face hit with a crow bar!

I freaked out and got an ice pack to help with the swelling and the bruising. I even made him put a band aid on his face because he was enjoying opening the wound cause it was just so "cool."

After a little bit of initial, "that is going to look wonderful in pictures." I started freaking out on how lucky we were that it only hit his cheek and didn't break his nose or give him a concussion. The wound was really very minor and nothing to worry about other than how the pictures will look.

So I got over that one pretty fast, but then I made the joke that he better take care of his hands for ring pictures and other little cute pictures that hands are in. . .

He came over after work on Sunday with little chunks missing from his hands.
No joke.

So I bandaged him up . . . again.

We did a little extra work on Monday during pictures to try to make all these little injuries be unnoticeable or hidden.

I'm really excited to see how these pictures turn out! We had a high school friend of ours take them for us, and I am really glad that she was so willing to help us!

Can't wait to show them off! :)