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This is the Day I Die

Sabra GilbertComment
Wouldn't it be crazy if you opened your planner one day and realized that someone had written in the day that you die?

If suddenly you knew that the only days you had left were right in this planner.
Maybe it is only 5. Maybe its 364.

That's when people start worrying about bucket lists and getting everything done that they want to, but is there really a point in rushing to jump out of airplanes and write a novel.

Aren't you going to wish you had spent more time with your family or loved ones, instead of worrying about the next Organic Chem test or how messy your room was?

Aren't you going to wish you had spent more time on the things that matter instead of the things that don't?

Aren't you going to wish that you had fullfilled the things that God wants you to accomplish for Him instead of your own selfish goals that only benefit you?

Just a random thought for today.

No I am not dying, nor do I know when I am going to die.

But it was just a thought, that if you only had the days in your planner, What would fill it up?

The things that you are doing now?
Or things that truly matter in life?