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Wife Training

Sabra GilbertComment
Simeon likes to call my learning to cook "Wife Training."
I admit to finding it funny.
I also blew him away by making him a dinner and desert and him walking into a spotless apartment (my apartment with my roomies).

But that's one of the things that I wonder about.
Being a girlfriend, or even a fiance, is nothing like being a wife.
There are so many more responsibilities that come with being married.
But what all do these new responsibilities entail?
How can I execute them all with flying colors right off the bat?
How do I prepare for suddenly having my own apartment with my husband that between us both, we have to take care of everything.
That we pay all the bills together.
Do all the shopping together.
Do all the cleaning together.

Do I still get to have random sleepovers with my girlfriends?
Because I totally enjoy those!
Is it hard to balance time by yourself and time with your husband?

Don't get me wrong, I'm insanely excited for all these new challenges, but worry me self slightly freaks out every once in a while.
And perfectionist me wants to be prepared for everything now.